The Maize Quest Experience

Every Maize Quest® farm location is unique and operated locally by the farmer who owns the land. Every farm offers a different heritage, family story, activities and group tours for guests. Inside the maze, you’ll explore the pathways created each year in a gigantic maze shaped to match the theme. From dinosaurs to pirates to local food, each theme teaches as it entertains!

Find a Farm to Visit

Visit a Maize Quest® farm near you for a fun outing with your family or group! Explore a corn maze, take a hayride, pick a pumpkin, play a game, enjoy a tasty treat, relax around a campfire... A visit to one of our farms is an experience you won't forget!

Agritourism for Your Farm

Since 1997, Maize Quest® has been helping farmers, and now a much broader range of entertainment operations, do the same thing: GROW. Whether you are upgrading or just getting started, Maize Quest® is here to help make your operation a success!

Media Coverage & Requests

Maize Quest® farms (over 70 locations in the US, Canada, and UK) provide wholesome fun and adventure for families and groups. Check out the latest news and information for the FUNNEST group of farmers in the world - press releases, contact information, and more.

The FUNNEST Group of Farmers in the World!

Map: FUNNEST farmers in the world

Over 70 locations (US, Canada, and United Kingdom)

Visit a Maize Quest® farm near you for fun with your family or group!

  • Mazes with Innovative Designs
  • Pumpkin Patches
  • Interactive Games
  • Hayrides
  • Other Fun!

Explore the work of the world’s most ingenious maze and puzzle designers

What Makes a Maize Quest® Maze Special?

Value-added features to increase customer engagement - much more than just a corn maze!

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A Learning Adventure

Themed Maze Games

Each maze at each different farm features games based on a special theme. As you explore the maze, you'll find our Word and Picture Game Stations with clues and answers that are educational and fun.

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Exciting Maze Themes

Unique Designs & Graphics

Each Maize Quest® corn maze is created uniquely with colorized sections that add interest and keep you moving through the maze. Our thematic approach to agritourism keeps you entertained and engaged!

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Maize-o-Vision Glasses

Secret Decoding

Maize-o-Vision is our secret decoding system used to reveal the map of the maze. Your game sheet has the map, but it’s encoded so you can only use it if you find a Maize-o-Vision station or have Maize-o-Vision glasses.

'All Ears' for Fun

Read the latest news and tips for FUN at a Maize Quest® Farm near you!

Visit the Original Maize Quest Corn Maze & Fun Park

With over 30 attractions, the original Maize Quest Corn Maze and Fun Park in New Park, Pennsylvania is your destination for FUN!